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Originally Posted by KTMADV View Post
Your bike should be getting better fuel milage. Here is what Iam running. Here is the link.
I'm not sure what the current jetting on my bike is. I had the carbs done about a year ago- 2-1 with the Powercore and the pre-filter. Ran great, tons of torque, but about 120 miles to the fuel light. Took the shop about 20 hours of shop and dyno time to get there. Mine was the first bike they'd seen with a 2-1, so they had no baseline to start with. I was hoping for more mileage, so they suggested pulling the prefilter. Did that, I can go about 125-127 to the light, but there's a nasty flat spot right around 6700-7000 rpm. Called the shop about 4 months ago, but apparently the jet settings weren't entered in to their customer database, so no luck there. I do remember them saying they had to go down a size (apparently very unusual) to make any significant improvement. Can't bring myself to spring for another round of dyno time, esp. considering I think the exhaust is choking the bike. I'd like to try to find some solid setup info- pipe plus jetting, that I might be able to try at home and save myself dyno costs. Or at least use setup info to get me close, so I can minimize dyno costs.

Robdogg: might be interested, but my concern is that after my current experiences, one pipe might not flow enough exhaust. I'm curious to see if anyone has any thoughts on using an exhaust designed for a liter bike. Something to consider...
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