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Question F800GS Weight Reduction

Hello folks..

Any tips and tricks on how to reduce the weight of a F800GS?

I love my bike but would very much like to reduce the weight as much as I can. Got pinned underneath it a couple of times while riding off-road. Couldn't really do much but wait for someone to help me pick it up.

On a good day I would be able to pick it up myself but as I do more off-road riding I am getting increasingly wary of the weight and the fact that I might not always have someone to help me out.

Plus, reducing the weight might make it more attractive an option for long distance off road travel.

I cannot do without the crash bars and the bash plate for obvious reasons but I see the following options to get the weight down.
1. Change the exhaust to a Leo Vince. Will shave off a few pounds.
2. Switch to the Shorai Ultra Light battery. Savings of up to 8 pounds I am told.

Any other ideas that you have tried and tested??
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