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Do you ever get out and ride, dude? It seems lke you're always trolling threads like these looking for an opportunity to dump on Jap bikes and praise the holy euros. You joined in 2008 and you have over 7000 posts! Get out and ride once in a while, maybe 2 up with your brazilian wife... You might enjoy it. It will sure beat sitting in front of the computer screen..
Pretty easy to demonize me as some couch-surfing loudmouth, right?

You would be wrong. Very wrong.

I'm out of the enduro game for the moment due to just purchasing a home. For now I'm content with local club ADV rides.

And for work every week.

I think it's comical how worked up people get over my posts. I'm not saying anything inflammatory or untrue. I write shit to dispel myths, period.

It's a fucking machine, people. It doesn't give a shit about you. Fuck, some of you taintsticks are worse than idiots who worship sports teams.

If you don't like what I have to say or are so immature or have such low frustration tolerance that you need to defend your precious motorcycle as if I attacked a family member, join the ignore club.

Or perhaps add something worthwhile to the conversation.
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