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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
I keep going back to that sentiment as well. Even crossing on the ferry with the bike would be part of the experience.

The Manx GP looks fun too, but is too late in the summer for her to go (she works in public schools). The TT is usually too early in the summer for her to go, except in 2015 when the dates work in our favor.
Take the bike its the only way to get to the best spots unless you want to get fleeced by taxi drivers. Its not uncommon for races to be postponed because of a change of weather either so the ability to make a hasty back roads exit is also great to have close by. Get a good map and plan your viewing points. Get there early the roads get mental running up to roads closed before a race. Everyone has a favourite spot, but the bottom of Bray hill on practice night as a first experience is something I will never forget.

Are you sure you are only going for 3 days? Racing is not every day so you might not see so much.
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