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1977 R100RS Resto?

Hey all, I've been working on a buddy's RS for some years now. Paint job, engine work, spline greasing, things all over. Now I've picked it up again and it's sitting in my garage waiting on me to replace the main wiring harness and I'm looking at how far I'm gonna have to tear this thing down all over again for the umteenth time and honestly I'm sick of looking at it. How much have you guys spent on taking a bike from that used, 70's hunk of a BMW to a reliable, pretty, touring machine? I feel like my biggest expense would be powdercoating the frame and getting the engine cases, front and rear hub, and triple trees blasted... I've already done the suspension, front and back, new headers and pipes, rebuilt the front calipers...typing aloud am I...? Anyway, thoughts? I'll have pictures up soon.
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