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Hi everyone, sorry for the long duration between posts. I was knocked out for a while by a nasty influenza. But here we go again:

After i did some kms on a stony track I found that irritating feeling in the handlebar that tells you: Your front tyre will be flat in a minute. Ok, things happen, so let's start working!

The first little dilemma I'm running into is the absence of a main stand/central stand (or how do you call that in proper English?). There are only rocks around and I soon find a decent one to support the bike. That beast is as heavy as three beer crates with the slight disadvantage that you cannot drink it after work is done.

Next dilemma: The tyre sticks that tight on the rim, I simply can't get it of the rim.

To my surprise, two friendly Moroccans stop and offer their help. Highly aprreciated! We work for about 20 minuntes on the tyre and ... the d*** rubber still sticks to the rim. The younger of the Moroccans starts to pray to Allah, I shout out a collection of German swearwords and? The tyre is of the rim! Looking back to the situation I hope it was because of the prayer ;-)

I kindly thank the two Moroccans and they move on as I do some minutes later. Meanwhile the sun has set and I've done only a few klicks until I have that feeling in the steering again. NAAOOO! Not again!

Now that I know that I won't be able to fix the tube I decide to ride towards the lights in the horizon. 14 kms with a flat tront tyre. Maximum speed: 5km/h

At 21:00 I find the workshop of my confidence in Agdz. The mechanic is on his way to the Mosque but is willing to repair the tube before he leaves. Waiting for the job to be done I smell a nasty odour: Petrol! Seeking the origin of the smell I have to realise ....

... that it comes from my bike
How comes? The tank is a prototype, it was nearly full when I had the puncture. Due to the heat from the engine (14kms in first gear) and no cooling wind, the plastic will have expanded untill it touched the burning hot oil-cooler. And that thing melted a slim fissure into the left tank that now lets the 11 liters follow gravity. I cut off the connection to this tank and make my way around the Med with now 23 liters. Should be enough anyway
(The series tank were lateron equipped with a heat protection shield and were given a greater distance to the oil cooler)

To keep a long story short: At 2 in the night I have the next puncture Can that be true? After I vent my anger I start smiling: Everyone who does a longer trip knows that he'll encounter a certain amount of hassle and bad luck. But if that concentrates in a few hours that can only mean that the rest of the journey is free of trouble!

I arrive in the early morning hours in Zagora to meet again with Remi, Thierry, Thomas and Benj. But after this night I need a little nap first!


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