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No gloves, brave indeed!

I am going to take a risk here and point out a couple of things, and I mean to do this with all due respect and not incite some sort of riot on here which might see me flamed terribly.

First, you were coming up on her pretty fast.
So many drivers in this part of the world are so distracted it is ridiculous. Stereo blaring, cell phone stuck in ear, changing movies for the kiddies, etc...yes, she likely was not deep in thought about nuclear physics, that is for sure!
She likely checks her rear view mirrors about once a year.

Second, going for a pass on that curve would not have been my plan.
I know that video can skew things and put things out of proportion, but I wouldn't have passed on that curve simply because I would have expected the driver
to drift to the inside. Again, most drivers here can barely keep a vehicle between the lines at the best of times, let alone on a curve, they always tend to drift from lane to lane or sit in the middle with little respect for the lines. I often wonder why they bother to put lines on the roads. Also, you can see tire tracks leading to where the woman stopped, the tracks are in front of the vehicle so there must be some reason she pulled over there. Not signalling is just a bad habit here practiced by about 95% of drivers.

Third, yes, I would have been wearing gloves. It gets real hot here, too, but ventilated gloves with knuckle protection are always on. Now, at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, it was Guaterider and another big miles, life long Mexican rider, who convinced me of changing from the old "roper" style gloves I used to wear, to something with at least enough protection to give me a chance. I am grateful to them for patiently explaining why my 40 year habit was not a good idea.

Veter, I am sorry to hear you were having to do a tuck and roll, thanks for posting the video, it is an eye opener for anyone thinking about riding here.
Again, my 3 points above are simply observations and I don't want them to be construed as some sort of expert opinion, just some observations from my experience here. Few states or provinces in Latin American countries have any kind of driver exam, the chief driving instructor is a Brit guy named Charles Darwin.

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