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Everyone should know that the Euro brands are tops in the dirt, most of the bikes I see in the woods are orange.
And the others are guys who cant afford a ktm.

Still, for a cheap rugged mild dual sport, the Japanese could do a lot better, just by building the right size motor with a sensible transmission, or even keeping what they had and updating it.
All the 250's are fine, except the XT250 maybe, but the lack of mid size bikes kills them.

What with all the Japanese dealers around (less then there used to be) they sell more bikes over all, which ends up having more cheap used Japanese bikes on the market, and they may be a better buy then a used abused and raced KTM.

We want choices, not just the fastest bike in the dirt.
We want something that can do 70 mph for an hour without exploding or needing an oil change, but is good in thick sand, that can loft the front wheel over something, that is going to start and run most of the time with little else then oil changes, that you can get used cheap, and that does not weigh 400 pounds or more.

The guys that want to go really fast will always pick a Euro brand, the ones that want to get there and back without any fuss might pick something else. Those people now have one choice, an old design DRZ and a pocket full of sprockets.
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