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I guess Khale has put it back together now so the answer will have to wait.

I often leave out the story of some of the nonsense I'm capable of. I have mentioned that I have two sets of heads for my bike. I had the original ones off and was trying to replace the rings. I ended up with new 2nd over sized pistons, rings, honed cylinders. And my old worn out set of heads. The main problem with my heads seemed to be the guides were a little too worn.

I found another set with better guides but worn out exhaust valves, I thought. So I bought a new pair of exhaust valves and lapped them into the seats. That's what I've been running for the past 20K. Runs fine.

One of these days I will try putting guides in. I need the proper type reamer. I have the other stuff. But I figure both sets of heads now need new seats or that's what I think I want and I know we can't do valve seats. We might do valve guides but it seems few riders do this any more.

Going to set the valves later today but the main project is to paint the inside of my fairing. Temp will be almost 70* I think. Then it's going to turn Winter again tomorrow.
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