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The first little dilemma I'm running into is the absence of a main stand/central stand (or how do you call that in proper English?).
As a buddy of mine once said, "a motorcycle without a center stand is a useless motorcycle." Nothing against your HP2, its a fantastic machine, but I hope you don't get to many more flats. Even my 30 year old Yamaha SR250 has got a center stand. I thought they came standard on BMWs. My dad's airheads have all got them and my F650 had one.

I usually use the center stand to not only change flats but to get the tire of the rim as well, by carefully placing it under the center stand and using the weight of the bike to break the bead.

Most of us dont get too many flats on one trip so I think your good for a while! Youve had your share!

I love this RR.
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