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Originally Posted by conchscooter View Post
I wanted something cheaper than Hepco Becker and i tried the soft bags for a while. When I found them inadequate I simply u-bolted Pelican 1430 cases onto the soft bag rails from Triumph.

Those Pelicans are the ones that open from the top, not the briefcase styled ones. Waterproof lockable and not at all fancy they cost $65 each. They hold enough, with my topcase for a weeks worth of mountain riding, don't stick out too far and I can remove them and the rails together simply by unbolting the rails, two nuts each side...

The top case is an Emgo, at $90 more spacious than it looks
and impossible to lock your keys inside.
Hey thats a pretty slick set up.
So I did some fast calculations. And for what Id like on my bonnie with Hepco kit is 1250$ with out tax and shipping (brackets and Alu standard boxes)
So basically 1000$ over budget!
I do like your set up as I can still use my throw over saddlebags for around town stuff and use the 1430 top loaders for touring/camping..
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