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Originally Posted by mtntrails View Post
You guys are "missing the boat" in a big way...

The market is (and has been for years) screaming out for a proper, modern, mid-size (300cc - 450cc) dual-sport - a more potent version of the excellent Yamaha WR250R & Honda CRF250L - Correction. A tiny percent of an already tiny segment of the motorcycle market.

35 - 45 RWHP - Why ? Most people looking for dual sports tend to favor reliability and mpg over hp. It can be done but the costs go up as does fuel consumption. For those that "need" that kind of power ? Well that is why we have an aftermarket.
Fuel Injection - Agree but there are bikes out there that fit this bill just not above 249cc unless you go Euro.
6-speed Tranny - Not necessary if they would just get the gearing right but a 6th does make that easier especially on smaller bikes.
Target Weight at or Under 300lbs - Again at what cost ? A mass market bike has to be versatile (carry loads, luggage, passenger,etc) and it has to make it through many different emission tests in multiple markets. It also has to last a long time and usually that means a bit more weight. The aftermarket is there if weight is such a big concern.
3000-4000 Mile Oil Change Intervals - There are bikes that fit this bill as well.
15k + Mile Valve Adjustment Intervals - This is a big one for me too but experience tells me that if you maintain a bike properly and don't ride your DS/ADV bike like you are trying to beat someone to the next timed checkpoint then it will last way longer than the recommended valve adj schedule. Case in point I did my first valve adjustment on my KLX300r at 40 thousand miles.
Modern, Fully Adjustable Suspension - It's available if you are willing to pay for it.
A Subframe Capable of Carrying Luggage & Camping Gear - But you want a weight under 300lbs.......
An Electrical System Capable of Running Heated Gear, GPS, etc. - Agree but again you are adding a bit of weight.
Build it for Unquestionable Reliability & Durability - Completely doable but again at what cost?
$5000 - $9000 MSRP (depending on displacement & specs) - Not going to happen with all the other things you are asking for. The big four are trying to make a profit, they aren't a charity.

ADVRider, ThumperTalk, HorizonsUnlimited, et al are filled with threads and posts lamenting this huge "hole" in the marketplace. When will the "Big 4" step up and build this bike? - They don't need to. They know that KTM/ Husky / Berg already have this market covered and the Euro brands draw in Euro brand type $$. Most buyers of the non-boutique brands aren't looking to drop $10k plus on a dual sport and the Japs can clearly see this. The ones that are buying Japanese bikes over $10k tend to be more into touring and buy bikes like the Tenere
Whoever is the first out of the gate will have a blockbuster hit on their hands - Only if they can figure out a way to sell brand new used bikes. - the rest will hopefully follow.

Don't forget to build a SM version too! - Dead on the sales floor doesn't exactly make a company want to build something.
I would love to own a 450cc version of a WR250r that has all of your above features but I (along with many others) am not looking to drop $10k on a bike that I am still going to have to farkle the piss out of in order for it to be right. That sentiment is magnified by the fact that I can get a 250 that does most of what you have asked all the while getting awesome mpg and being at the low end of your hypothetical MSRP. I would rather drop that extra $$ on a road trip.

Long story short: Don't hold your breath that they will build the bike you seek. The best you can do is figure out where it is that you are willing to compromise and buy the bike that fits your needs.
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