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Originally Posted by doyle View Post
I am completely convinced that this thread (and the forum) is the single most comprehensive, English language source for Dakar news and information.
Absolutely it is. Bar none. And there is a lot of value in that - value that could be extracted to help find sponsors etc.

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
That being said, I am not so sure an embedded reporter would be as valuable as it may seem. Scotty Breauxman (sp?) expressed a lot of frustration at the expense for just the credentials ($6K), then the costs to use ASO bandwidth, and then the controls they place over the content.
Disagree a bit.
Yes, the expense is hard, the ASO charges are incredible, (so much so that I chose to drive an extra hour or two a day to use wifi in the nearest town instead), and the controls they place over content will ruin your chances of having live footage, or footage even aired on the same day from each stage. that barrier is not insurmountable, but you will have to pay through the nose.
However, having someone on the ground means getting people physically walking up to each tent in the bivouac, interviewing, transcribing, writing a story and uploading. I was doing it for six people (only the Aussies) in 2010 and 2011, and it took me about 4 hours each day. Given that most of them roll in at different times, you end up usually just waiting for the last guy and then it's all finished 15 minutes after that. You could cover a lot more stories if you focussed only on storylines, not individual people. You could save a lot of time by purchasing the ASO bandwidth, and uploading audio instead of video.
What I did this year with Storify was a bit of an experiment, but basically Twitter, Facebook etc are telling a lot more of the story these days. Your best bet coverage wise is to put one/two people on the ground for interviews which flesh out the stories, and one person compiling from the day's run of F5, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, and Facebook traffic.

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
Embedded team mates like Deadly99 add invaluable updates but I am not sure how practical it is for someone form one team to roam around interviewing others.
Not very, but that's why you should put in an actual media accredited person. Don't forget, anyone with a team can't go to places like stage finishes or anything. That is only practical some of the time anyway, but my best interviews I took at stage finishes, not in the bivouac.

Originally Posted by doyle View Post
Live, English language (Maray) type coverage
Not without a helicopter of your own!

Finally, on the funding thing. Looking for a sponsor is a good option. The other option is click-through ads or even view ads, but from memory the latest going price for internet ads is $US28/1000 unique visitors.

That means with three ads on each page you need just under a 300,000 unique visitors to hit $25,000. << That's hard if run in a forum format. You would need to branch out to a separate site, with SEO and everything else.

I'm not a well-known person on F5 so I hope I don't sound like an upstart. I have been on the ground twice at the Dakar, and I was the editor of, so I feel like I can talk on this subject.
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