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Originally Posted by StmbtDave View Post
Before everyone jumps in to help, be aware that the OP doesn't even own the bike. The title is actually in the name of another inmate who I believe resides in England. Also, this is nothing new to the OP. He has had trouble crossing other borders.

It's just a can of worms...
On my trip I regularly come across people that are not interested in trying to help me - that is fine. But i can safely say that you are the first perosn in 10 months that has actually gone out of their way to try and impede the progress of my journey. I am genuinely shocked you would actually go out of your way to try and dissuade generous and helpful people from trying to help me.

That you should do so on a thread where every single other person is either offering helpful advice or even offering to take a couple of hours out of their day to go down to the local motor vehicles offices speaks volumes about your character. Take a look in the mirror mate - you are part of one the greatest, most generous, most friendly and most helppful communities in the world and you just tried to stop people from helping somebody finish an 8 month, 20,000 mile motorbike journey.

Yes I am having problems but as 750 Volts has clearly pointed out at no point am I trying to be deceiptful. I have given all the facts and with all the given information people have still agreed to help me. Just becasue YOU do not have the good grace to help me does not give you the right to tell others they can not.
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