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Originally Posted by Resist View Post
I'm not a well-known person on F5 so I hope I don't sound like an upstart. I have been on the ground twice at the Dakar, and I was the editor of, so I feel like I can talk on this subject.
Not at all. Not only are the comments welcome, they are very much appreciated! My perspective does not include actually being there so my comments come from all the statements we've heard from those returning who always comment on how we knew so much more about what was going on from here.

That said, I do think things are changing, this year more than any other. The proliferation of social media is such that it is near impossible to keep up with everything that is going on. I see the value of the on the ground reportage as being the behind the scene's stuff and the human stories rather than the "So and so clocked in at CP3 just 4" in front of so and so"...

The daily play by play is easy enough to cover remotely and probably easier that from on site, but as you said, the end of stage comments, the bivouac stories, etc.. that is the real gold.

What's great about this forum is the perspectives from all the various areas of Dakar, reporters, mechanics, drivers, racers, etc... we really get a good picture of what it really is all about.
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