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So, i'm getting old and find myeslf not really keen on throwing myself down a mountainside as much as I used to be.

Years of riding/road racing and just getting old has left me with a new hip and a bunch of injuries etc.

Long story short, getting rid of my XR-R Adv bike and moving to a 800gs, either a '12 or a '13, but leaning to a '13 for no particular reason other than it's newer and has "some" improvement's over the '12. Looking forward to being able to do more slab miles before I go numb.

I've been lurking this part of the ADV world for a few weeks, and I have to say, I thought the thumper world of ADVrider had a high noise to bandwidth ratio...I was wrong, you guys are good at filling up the rest of it! ;) I kid I kid!

Anywho, looking at the '13, it looks like any new model, teething problems (minimal) and aftermarket parts company needing to catch up. The main things i'm going to change right away are as follows:

Tires: covered, know where i'm going there.
Seat: covered as well
SUSPENSION: ???? Ohlins? etc (Know that WP is the new thingy)

Suspension is normally the first thing I ever change, i'm 6'4 and 225 with gear on. I've NEVER bought a bike that works for me out of the box, that's just reality.

Anything else I should look at right away? Before you answer, i'm a cheap bastard, years of racing has made me that way, I know my limitations there ;)
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