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Originally Posted by 81turbota View Post
That GS sounds like a great bike.
Canuman, I'd say half of my riding will be on post, which is maybe 2-3 mile legs. Is the coldblood nature that bad? Will it still give me some problems if I start it, suit up, have a smoke and jump on?
Been through this with another serviceman, actually. Although the other guys on base WILL break your balls, there's nothing better than a small scooter for tooling around base. You should be able to find one pretty cheap. They are made for stuff of that nature.

I give my GS a 10 minute warm-up if it is cold. It's not so bad when you can store it inside, or during the summer, but they do like to warm up. Two cigs, maybe? That being said, many old carbed bikes suffer the same issues. I have a GL1200 that wants the same warm-up. I suspect the Honda 750 and the Kaw are the same, although I only have passing experience with either.

Mine's a '79 with pumper carbs. The later models have CV carbs. I don't know if this would make a difference.
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