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Originally Posted by 81turbota View Post
Quite a few people I know have scooters, one has a pink Vespa just to attract the ball busting.

I might consider one, but the problem is we are limited to the number of vehicles we can have registered in Germany. A single soldier gets 1 car and 1 "recreational vehicle" motorcycle atv etc...I have 2 cars with a policy exception letter and will have space for 1 bike. I'm used to quirky vehicles, I'm sure I could work around the GS's short comings if its truly that good of post. I'll look over on GSresources to see if the CV carbs make a difference.
For a bike of the vintage and price, I think they are a top buy. For some reason, they haven't taken off in the collector market. This is likely because they are difficult to make a good-looking bobber out of, although a buddy of mine did so with a 750, and it is a looker.

They have pretty good brakes, especially compared to many bikes of the era. The suspension is also decent. The seat is one of the best in the business, and they have good range. The bike is mild-mannered enough so it's not a handful for a newer rider. We're talking the "G" model here. I think the cruiser model is a silly-looking beast.
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