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Thats great to hear about the CV carbs. I'm sure its all in the tuning as well..

Bikes aren't as cheap in Germany as they are in the far I've found, prices are converted to USD. All of these are runners.
1979 1 owner creampuff GS850, 24K miles with a cafe seat for $3000
1981 GS850 46K miles, spare rolling frame and 2 disassembled engines $2100
1979 GS850 50K miles, looks a little weathered $1500
1975 GL1000 22K miles, last on the road in 2008 $2100
1975 GL1000 46K miles, last on road 2005 $1500

Unfortunately, in my month of searching I can't find Craigslist level deals in Europe. Price of entry will be higher, but I have an opportunity to ride over here.I plan on looking at them when I get a chance and weather improves.
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