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Hi Guys,
I've stopped in and read the forum from time to time, but not much real posting on my part before this. This looks interesting for sure since it's in the area. Would enjoy hooking in for a pre-ride at the least, hopefully attend if possible. Old grizzled one here, used to be a District 34 expert class mx runner in the truly ancient days. Stopped riding dirt for a long while, but back to it for some dirt enjoyment before the old folks home, just not at the pace I used to run.

memrph I'm pretty close by you, between New Paltz and Kingston. My Son (around your age) is learning to ride on a Kaw KLX (and WeeSTrom), we'll be occasionally running some outlying area dirt roads this summer as part of that learning experience. Perhaps you'll be interested in coming with, relaxed pace for his experience level. Probably a good way for you to get your feet wet.

It won't be early spring as I've a ton of winter projects in the works to complete before I split the cases on my DRZ and put in a wide ratio gear set. Probably will update it with and overbore, carb, and kickstarter at the same time, so Mid May would be the currently expected time to get hold of me if you're interested.
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