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Originally Posted by AMusedRider View Post
Hello folks..

Any tips and tricks on how to reduce the weight of a F800GS?

I love my bike but would very much like to reduce the weight as much as I can. Got pinned underneath it a couple of times while riding off-road. Couldn't really do much but wait for someone to help me pick it up.

On a good day I would be able to pick it up myself but as I do more off-road riding I am getting increasingly wary of the weight and the fact that I might not always have someone to help me out.

Plus, reducing the weight might make it more attractive an option for long distance off road travel.

I cannot do without the crash bars and the bash plate for obvious reasons but I see the following options to get the weight down.
1. Change the exhaust to a Leo Vince. Will shave off a few pounds.
2. Switch to the Shorai Ultra Light battery. Savings of up to 8 pounds I am told.

Any other ideas that you have tried and tested??
What about the F700GS? It is lower, easier to keep it upright. I know, the front wheel is a 19in, and it is cast alloy, and the suspension has less travel. Well, we all deal with compromises.

1. Learn how to crash (get out of the way of the falling mass)
2. Get a different bike and deal with the compromises
3. Ride with someone else who can help you

Reducing the weight in a way that will make a difference is almost impossible.
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