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Originally Posted by joexr View Post
Im not anti KTM , Im anti windbag.
I'm not going to prove my riding heritage to you, scooter. But I guarantee I've ridden many more miles of much more technical terrain in the North-East where I lived for 41 years than you have in Florida

Again, if your vagina gets sandy because I'm stating the truth, put me on ignore. Because clearly you don't have the mental capacity to determine that I'm not insulting your family member.

Or you could add to the conversation. Because as Grreatdog said, I'm not wrong.

Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
Everyone should know that the Euro brands are tops in the dirt, most of the bikes I see in the woods are orange.
And the others are guys who cant afford a ktm.

The guys that want to go really fast will always pick a Euro brand, the ones that want to get there and back without any fuss might pick something else. Those people now have one choice, an old design DRZ and a pocket full of sprockets.
But see this is where you are mislead. My riding buddies and I are not fast. Not by a long shot. And we are not rich. But like you, we got tired of heavy, slow bikes in Pine Barrens sugar sand.

So that's why you see so many people riding them. Everyone I know, old men included. Short people, tall people. 99% of them are not racers, and will never race their bike. They don't give a shit about going fast. They just want to lope along in the woods, (try to) loft a wheelie, lay some roost with friends.

Don't let fear rule your decisions.
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