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I've ridden through California twice. In 2001 we rode right down R1 and 101 from Vancouver to San Francisco, and in 2006 I rode from New Jersey to California and back - 17,000 miles in three months. You'll LOVE the US. It's great for riding after our overcrowded European roads. Petrol is almost given away, it's so cheap. Filtering is fine in CA but a big no-no elsewhere. Drivers and the cops HATE it. Bimbling to the front of a queue is also frowned upon even though every rider in Europe does it. I was stopped for that even though it was ultra safe and in the middle of a desert. 'STOP' signs MUST be obeyed even if the view is twenty miles or more in all directions. I know that sounds crazy to us but it's their daft rules. Their patrol cars have forward-facing speed detectors - ours in the UK don't - so if you are speeding and see a dot approaching you, slow down. DAMHIK. The American people are the nicest friendliest I know and riding in the sun is terrific.

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