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Originally Posted by motorat View Post
i have been looking at the s10.
some questions.
does it run on regular gas?
is the stock seat good for 500 mile days?
is the stick windscreen good or is an aftermarket one required?
thanks...i'm too lazy to go back through all 1400 pages

Oh no, do a search!

Yes - Nick Sanders rode from the top of NA to the bottom of SA without any adverse impacts. Though, by choice I use premium.
It depends - personal preference. I find it doable, 500 miles on the stock seat. For a stock seat, IMO, it's pretty good.
It depends - I depends on how much wind you want. Some people don't mind it, others change it. I went aftermarket (as I had one with the bike when I bought it used) and installed a madstad bracket - works great for me.
Ok, we get it. You're lazy.

Another resource you can look at:
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