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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
sent an email to Canada. Hope it doesn't take too long to get there. Not real happy.

Who built that tire? It doesn't look like a Fournier from what I can see. I have built a few tires with a single row of screws in the centre knobs, and they were cracking the blocks off (1 1/4" screws didn't help either). My last couple tires have five per centre block, 1 1/2" screws, two liners, and I shaved some height off the knobs (and sides to get the right profile). They have now been practised on and raced, and they look as good as new. I kind of enjoy building the tires, and I think I have learned much in the process. I think I have it now.

My Fournier MT44 has some issues, since I didn't have a guide and the chain impacted some of the side screws, and cracked open five knobs. The tire is still good to race (say the marshals) and there is no real threat of losing them. I built a chain guide and mounted a new chain (stress cracks may occur from the scratches in the side links). I built a new tire anyhow, as I actually wanted to start the race, it being my first. The MF1 screws in the tire he built differ from the screws he sold me. They are a little smaller than the MF1s I bought, and a little bigger than the front screws.

Weeee hoooo!

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