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i accepted how frustrated i've become in the last few days with my spanish. i can communicate the basics easily. the frustration has come into play when meeting new people, and wanting to integrate myself into conversations. once we are the past the point in the conversation where i have explained who i am, where i am from, and what i am doing, the conversation becomes more organic, and i get lost.

it's true, i was tired. it's exhausting, difficult work to come into a new town everyday, get your bearings, figure out where to eat, where to stay, and what to do - knowing all the while that you should be planning at the very least for the next day, if not further out, by calling ahead to reserve hostels, checking maps for routes, asking questions of locals about where to go, etc. this may seem like 24/7 fun to those of you following along, but any of you who have done this kind of traveling know that it is work.
These are important details of moto traveling that are great to share. We have all been there! Your experiences are certainly changed by who you meet and how you interact with them. Common language can really help!

It is all part of the experience! Good job on your RR! We must have passed in the night..... Ride Safe Fritz!
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