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Day 2 January 20th, 2013

Originally Posted by bigdon View Post
Hey Bigdog, why did you put this in Daytrippin instead of Ride Report?

I was gonna find it anyway!
Hey bigdon---I wasn't hiding it from you ----honest !!!

Ride reports are for trips of a week or more----we had intentions of 3 weeks or more, but
that didn't work out unfortunately.

Now ----Guadelupe Canon to Mikes Sky Ranch----in the dark again.

This picture was taken the next morning---but we set our tents up under this roof for the night without our rainflies-----it never rains in Baja !!!!!!
Scotts backpack is on the roof for a reason----which I'll get to.

So now the best story of the trip.
Me and Scott were sound asleep when I was wakened by a lot of noise---something really big was in our camp and
in the trash barrell. I knew there were no bears down there---but me and Scott are always camping in bear country--and
that was on my mind. I dismissed the bear thoughts and wondered what it was and hollered to wake up Scott.
There was no waking him up---and I got out of my tent and was shaking his tent and hollering at him to wake him up
and I heard the large animal run off----------it had very heavy sounding feet and we decided it was a horse ??????
But Scott never heard it at all. Actually his snoring was louder than the noise the animal was making.
We laughed it off and fell back to sleep after not finding anything out of place---what was it ?????

I have been here before with Gaspipe, Jonz, and another fellow.
We came thru in the middle of the day and stopped for a short while------but I was set on staying here this time--soaking in the hot springs and
hiking around and seeing all the beautiful plants in the Canyon------we have no jobs---we were in no hurry to leave and took it all in.
We were both up at sunrise taking pictures.
We were on the South side of the canyon and there were campspots and hot tubs on both sides of the canyon.

I think these plants are called "Fan Palms"
According to the E32 Mexico maps loaded in our gps's the elevation at camp was about 1.100'.
The peak you see here was about 2,800'.
The E32 maps were awesome and were topographical---a very good purchase before we left.
My last trips to Baja and mainland Mexico were done with much inferior gps maps.

We went for a long walk before suiting up as the sun rose swiftly and warmed things up nicely.

This place could be on anybodys bucket list----I wish my wife and son would join me down here.

Here is another campsite with a much bigger hot tub.

By the way------we were the only ones here.

Alone I said ?????????
Well after a very long walk---and back to our camp I noticed we had an intruder---------a squatter ???? And Ass ??????
He was looking at me like "Oooopps---we've been caught"-------notice I said "we".

Scott had thought it might have been donkeys in our camp last night----and I laughed cause I had told him there were no donkeys in the Canon'.

There were 2 of them and they had gotten into are our food and snacks and even my toothpaste !!!!!!!!
Probably took a dip in our hot tub.
This guy is finishing off Scotts peanuts.

So now starts the "BigDog Donkey Rodeo"
as I pulled and tugged on the donkeys while Scott pushes and smacks them on the rear to get them out.
It wasn't easy------and we could do nothing but laugh even tho they ate all our food.

I have lots more pictures of Guadelupe Canyon as it was such a beautiful place.
It's an easy place to get to----big adventure bikes and their riders will need some skills after getting off Laguna Salida and
and getting back into the canyon----and I don't recommend at all riding any further out on the dry lake bed and
riding further South with a big bike. There can be deep mud---very deep silt and nasty ruts and washouts.
There is some very deep sand in the 7 miles back to the hot springs. You won't be happy on a big bike.

Enjoy more canyon pictures---if you haven't been you must go here.
It could even be a day ride into Baja from the border---but camping and the hot tubs is the treat !!

Here in Mexico we have what I call the "El Poopo"
Or "Bano" to the locals.

These flushing toilets----------yes I said flushing toilets are way different than anything I've ever seen---and I've seen it all as
I was an Illinois licensed plumber all my life.

Each toilet has no tank lid---and there is a constant stream of hot water pouring into the toilet tank.
How ingenious ??? I thought.
So with the constant stream of water coming into the tank and going into the overflow tube and finally getting into the bowl
the whole toilet is very warm---and when you sit down on it -----wow !!!!!! A warm butt !!! Really nice.
I've always praised Mexico's normal water system compared to ours in the states.
We use most of our very expensive treated water to flush turds down the toilet----think about it--how stupid is that.

The sun keeps giving us better views as me and Scott explore the area some more.

This little hut was way across the canyon and not seen very well with the naked eye.

This appeared to be some kind of old oven----but it had fallen apart and was crumbling.

One of my pet peeves-------noise in a campground.
No noise allowed here.

The Tienda (store for you Gringos) wasn't open.

Here is a nice camping spot-----see the picnic table under the tree ???
But their hot tub was dried up.

Here is a picture of the main water pipe that brings the hot water down to the lower levels.
Look close--you can see there is a leak.
I'm retired ----I'm not fixing it.

And there was a really nice shower----see the pipe and valve ???
I turned it on and it worked. We didn't take a shower as we had been in the hot tub.
Scott just got in the tub the evening we got there----but I got back in it in the morning too.
I just couldn't pass up the oppurtunity---I may never get back here in my lifetime--so I wanted to soak it all in.

Our Jack Ass friends finally got tired of us gringo's and sauntered off.

My next plan was to ride over El Mano Pass.
I've only know one rider to ride over it--and I had his track log.
This would go high up into the mountains to the West of Laguna Salida.
We never made it over El Mano Pass

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