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Originally Posted by troidus View Post
It looks to me like the slides were left in the last time the carbs were dunked in the Bucket of Doom. Carb cleaner+rubber bits=$$$.
Yep, just what I was thinking.

This sort of thing happens over on the vintage forums all the time -- instead of a proper complete disassembly/rebuild, people try to spritz carb cleaner all over the place and call that a rebuild.

One drop of spray carb cleaner can easily ruin a rubber diaphragm.

And, of course, nothing but metal should go into the highly caustic can of carb dip. If that's what happened to this diaphragm, I don't think there would be any rubber left.

Someone else mentioned ether spray, too -- I'm not sure that stuff will melt this type of rubber, but it's certainly not good for anything.
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