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Day 2 On to Mikes Sky Ranch

We blew South on the big graded road at high speed------what a hoot.
And the Dingweeds said-----Wahooooooooooo !!!!!

El Mano pass was our vision.

There were many navigational speculations as sandy trails and roads went everywhere.

And they deteriorated more and more ------and the sand got deeper and deeper.

It was getting really tough to ride and the trail just ended---no one had a vehicle threw here in a long time.
It was here we found this long abandoned very expensive SUV which had been stripped of anything useful.
It was the only vehicle we would see out here.

After getting home a friend that was watching my travels on google earth said---"man you guys were in the middle of nowhere and I couldn't see a
track or trail one".
Yep-----and after considering how hard the riding was ----the fact that maybe nobody has gotten over El Mano pass in years--and the fact we
may have run out of water, gas and food if we continured on----we turned back. And almost ran out of gas doing that.

I guided us back North a bit to intersect a route across laguna salida heading East toward the paved Mex route 5.

Before leaving the house I probed google earth in this are and found a picture of this abandoned vinyard.
We mad a "cut-a cross" East to the vinyard. Kind of eerie.

Oh man this was a hoot----you could just about ride where ever you wanted and Scott chased my dust trail across the dry lake bed.

Scott had never been to Baja and he was having a hoot.

I took a picture of my gps so you could see our elevation. We were 4 feet below sea level here.

See the deep silt behind Scott----I'm sure he was riding carefull.
On our last ride with the Mobius crew Scott had the worst bike crash of is life in this stuff. It will swallow you up.

Then it starts getting wetter----a little dampness was below us and it got soft some times.

Yes---definitely the race course---which was back in November I think.

See that white stuff ???? It's slick as ice. Both of us about bit it in here before we hit the highway--but our "No Hassle Tassles" kept us safe.
For a bit--the mud and salt got so slick we weren't sure we'd make it to the highway----we didn't have enough gas to go back.
And it turned out we didn't have enough to go forward either.

Another act of kindness along the highway was bestowed upon us as we begged for gas from some dune buggy guys.
They drained the gas out of their dune buggies (which were on trailers) and that got us to the next gas---kind of ... !!!!

We were heading West on Mexican 3 towared the turn off to Mikes Sky Ranch when I spied the sandy road that I planned on riding across
another dry lake bed to the South of the highway. I thought I'd check it out briefly to see how it was. It was nasty deep silt and I got stuck
trying to get back on the highway. We wouldn't have made it thru that trail. So I made a mental note not to try that trail on our return North
which would be a couple weeks away.

Kind of hard to tell---but that's a steep hill behind me.
I had plenty of power----the tire just dug in and was spinning.

We hadn't got much gas from the dune buggy guys----and we didn't have enough to go to Miles Sky Ranch and ride South out of there the next day.
So we had to run down the road a bit passed Mike's turnoff to the little town of Cardenas with had a Pemex-----it's getting late and we
pondered again that we'd be riding in the dark. It was 7 miles West of Mikes turnoff to the Pemex.

Here we have turned down the dirt and sandy road to Mikes Sky Ranch and we were estatic.
It was about 30 miles of riding bliss getting to the ranch-----the terrain climbed into the mountains as we got higher and higher.

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