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Hey guys, many thanks for the input. Probably you're all right: I do grip tight the throttle, the grips are indeed hard.
Today I made an effort to have a more relaxed and less tense posture on the bike. It did work better. Not perfect, but postponed the numbness a bit. Can improve the position also. I think also a glove change is in order. I use all year, thin leather gloves. Think its time to change my Eska gloves.

I run the ProGrip gel grips on all of my motorcycles.
Any sugestion? There are so many varieties. Touring and paved road is 90% my riding (ok let's say 95%).

Getting medical here, your body mechanics could be putting pressure on your nerves, do you have carpal tunnel, arthritis, or any other medical condition in your hand/wrist/arm? It is fairly common for these issues to occur with individuals who have something going on. Add the stress of holding a handlebar and poof you overstimulated your nerve and lost feeling. Try and find something similar to the width (broom handle, piece of pipe) and put your glove on then hold it like you hold your handlebars, see if that elicits the same response. Then try positions (motorcycle position with arms up), and see how that goes. Your hands have three primary innervations and it is hard to get them all at once without something putting undue pressure somewhere. Have you had shoulder surgery? Fractured clavicle? Latisissmus issues?
I do understand your point. I did have, 6 years ago a tendinitis in my right hand, in the thumb/wrist area. I cured that and it gave me no problems since. Now that I think it better, the numbness does start on the thumb and the forefinger and then the whole hand.

Could be they vibrate like a tuning fork on!
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