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where are the pedals?
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Hey, here is a pic of me!
On our way to the Commondus - Two little towns west of Loreto.

We rode over the mountains and dropped into a beautiful canyon.

Obligatory pic of bike in front of cool old mission building. According to the sign, the original mission was dynamited to provide building material for a wealthy home-builder. This building was merely an additional structure near the mission.

Some very well dressed vacationing locals invited us for lunch. Unfortunately we had to decline as we had many more miles to go in our loop and neither of our lights work. The road between the 2 villages weaves down this canyon filled with wonderful palm trees.

This section was quite a bit easier. Wishing I was on my 990 super couch. Little bike seat and many miles were starting to cause a little tenderness.

Watch out for cows!

where does that road go?
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