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This has become amusing.
As someone who avidly rides a MTB and a dirt bike, I often feel like we all need to sit down and sing Kumbaya. For crissakes, we all just want to get dirty, amiright??
Trail closures here in the PNW are a tragedy for OHVs, and the one area that is near me (Tahuya) is open to hikers, horses, rock crawlin' rigs, pedal bikes and motorbikes. Different users enjoy different sections of the area. There has never been any real conflict that I know of. That being said, the mountain bike community is better organized, has bigger numbers, and generally "plays nicer" with government entities that control land use. So, local MTB groups have gotten some great new riding areas to enjoy, while dirt bikers have been losing trails for years. It sucks, but the truth is, it is our own fault. Dirt bikers are rebellious, solitary creatures who want to ride and be left alone, and we didn't figure out until recently that we need to actually get involved in the planning stages of local land use issues. Cyclists figured that out, and they now have city park land devoted to their sport.

To FARV, who has flamed up this thread with generalizations about off-road motorcyclists, you're not making any friends on this site. Too bad, because this is the best site there is, and you're going to need the help of these FFs if you actually buy that motorcycle.
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