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You fellas keep this up, and yer gonna make this Certified Old-Timer start blushing

Thanks for the kind words, brethren. The truth behind the story is this: in 1989 a young random dipwad watched Easy Rider for the first time (but certainly not the last) and started dreaming about riding across America. It was just a Dream back in '89, because there were job responsibilities (gotta put the Corn Flakes on Aisle 7, dontchaknow), college classes to take, and a girlfriend who just didn't understand. The Dream got put on the back burner, as Dreams so often do, until the summer of '96, when the young dipwad found himself with a semblance of Ultimate Freedom to do whatever he wanted to do. (Anything that didn't cost much money, at any rate.) What he wanted to do was simple: jump on a bike, head West, and discover America for himself. All by himself. And ten weeks and 11,600 miles later, the young dipwad (who couldn't even hold the rope for Pee Leak, fercryinoutloud) returned, eyes opened, mission completed, forever changed, I'm talking a whole new perspective on Life itself.

I defer to the wisdom of Glenn Hegstadd (now there's a true ADVer if ever there was one) who said this: The longer and more difficult the journey, the more profound the metamorphosis...Is your life going to change? Hopefully. I don't know anyone who has traveled extensively and came back wishing they'd never left. What you do with that new angle on life is up to you but you will surely be more aware and in tune with what is really happening in the world, and in particular, in your own mind.

Yea verily, Brother Glenn.

More pics and ineptizoidal commentary are on the way...if y'all get half as much pleasure out of seeing the pics and hearing the stories as I do recalling the memories, well then that means y'all are happy indeed.

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