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I wish that my eyes were open enough when I was younger to go out and see America! Alas, fate has a funny way of making things happen. Back in '89, I met this chick at a bar who changed my whole perspective on life. She told me about traveling to Yellowstone, Alaska, Colorado, California, etc, etc, etc. She asked if I had ever been to any of those places? Of course not, why would I venture beyond Orlando for anything... I enjoyed living in Miami. Well, long story short, I married that girl 19 years ago and boy, have we been on some adventures around the U.S.. Lots of stuff to see in the world.

My only regrets are when I go on some rides with my buds... Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Carolinas, Tennessee, etc... I wish that my wife and kids were there with me to experience the adventure.

Hopefully, I'll be rectifying that situation this summer with a month long trek out West with the family trukster towing a couple of bikes.

Good on ya Inept for gettin 'er done. Keep on keepin on, d00d!
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