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Guanajuato and on

I went to Guanajuato at the recommendation of a couple I met on the ferry and I'm glad I did. There are many Colonial cities in Mexico but I don't know if any rival Guanajuato. My best description is that it reminded me of a Mexican version of Prague. The first thing to know is it was built on silver and gold mines. Later when the mines paned out the miners were hired to build roads under the city so they wouldn't have to tear down buildings to modernize. The major roads form a very confusing series of tunnels, complete with road signs and stop lights, under the city. I spent my first hour there fairly lost going up and down and around looking for the road my hostel was on. It was quite fun actually.
This is a view from my hostel window with the road I parked my bike on down below.

I went out the first night and found a great little restaurant in a plaza. To get back all I had to do was walk out of the other side of the plazza, turn right, and hit the street I'd come down on. An hourt and a half and miles of walking later I decided to just turn around and trace my steps back. I wasn't even on the right hill anymore.
I started here

It was a nice little wine bar. Every night performers ranging from clowns to musicians would make the rounds around the plazas and perform.

I should have turned right here

Now if I could just see that huge Cathedral I'd know right where I should be. Where is it?

I did come across this well painted bike before turning back.

Right, my place is just past the University here and then right

There was only one other person in the entire hostel so we had rooms to ourselves. David, from Guatemala, had just graduated from Med School in Guadelejara. When we went out to grab a bite I left my card in the ATM machine while I stuffed my money in my shoes. It ate my card.
Fortunately the bank took pity on me and didn't cut my card and gave it back to me the next morning. We headed out on a tour of the city. I didn't think to ask if the guide spoke English but David was able to translate the high points.
By the entrance to the town

Up to view it from above

Through the house of a local serial killer and then on up the hills

Through a Mexican Inquisition museum

David got The Wheel

That pictures should be upside down but keeps getting rotated on here.

People shouldn't leave these lying around.

Then into the old mines. They really do use Dwarves to mine

When I go back I'll definitely have coffee at this cafe

And things I saw around town

And some food porn from the Wine Bar

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