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Originally Posted by Carter Pewterschmidt View Post
This is what I'm saying. Building a new bike AND a new engine is a very expensive endeavor. I would like to know how start up companies even get funding for these sorts of efforts. This is just like the countless new sports car companies that pop up every couple of years. They come and go like downtown night clubs. Selling a premium product requires a premium name. Think of premium brand names like Rolex, TAG Heuer, Gucci, Versace, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Ducati, Harley, etc. Those companies didn't just pop up 5 years ago. Those companies worked long and hard to get to where they are. You think you're just gonna walk into that market all Johnny-come-lately and get a piece of the pie? Come on now.

What they need to do is start with building a cheaper, much more basic bike, maybe race the thing, get some customers, build some rep, figure out how to turn a profit, then start coming out with wild $30k, 1200cc, Ohlins equipped bikes. Not to mention they're designing a bike for a dying market. Sport touring sales are currently one of the worst performing segments. They could work the niche angle, but with that price you have to wonder just how bad do sport touring guys need to scratch the itch?

As JerryH stated, even Erik Buell has a name and a customer base. Plus he markets his brand through his racing program, which is already established as well. The race bike and program support money he's making alone might be enough to keep the doors open. So as far as I'm concerned he's already miles ahead of Motus plus he's not spending money on R&D for building completely new engines.

Much like Buell the dirt bike companies like ATK and Husaberg all had racing programs which in turn generates revenue and builds reputation.

If you still don't see my point just look through the product history of all the motorcycle companies that are standing today. Did any of them start out selling bikes like this?

TL;DR If Motus was selling penny stocks I still would not buy.

I can't think of any racing program making money at the start, companies like Ferrari only sold road cars to finance their racing.

You should share your theories with Pagani, Koennigsegg, and a few Of the other idiots .

Seeing as you can manage to side with Single-carb Jerry I really have to wonder,,,,
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