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Originally Posted by frog13 View Post
cy,....when you speak of dead shorts and cable leads are you referring to an uncovered / unprotected lead contacting a piece of the frame....causing a short?.I'm electrically challenged by the way. TIA

P.S. I've been considering a Shorai for my TW200,but have had my reservations due to what I've been reading on alot of different forums. TIA
anytime stock size battery is not used. OEM battery clamp/hold down cannot be used. battery position was carefully engineered by OEM not to short out.

LiFePO4 batteries are generally much smaller so extra care has to used to make certain positive does NOT short to ground.

this goes double when mounting LiFePO4 battery in a different location as commonly done for cafe racers, etc. make dead certain positive cannot short to ground. don't lose your bike to a fire cause by a dead short. lithium batteries discharge at an extremely high rate, easily equal to heat generated by Arc welding.

NO ... battery mfg is not responsible for loosing your bike to a fire caused by a dead short.
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