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Oddometer: 9, looks like you've done this before That's a great site! I've been using Autoscout24 and Mobile. ~1000 Euro is a much better starting point.

So far, the GS has moved to the top of the list. Price, reliability and simplicity are really attractive. It helps that everyone seems to love riding them too.

Concerning the bikes that have been sitting (the GL's) The owners last rode them regularly a few years ago, but both of them have passed the strict TUV in the last 6 months. Still worth looking at, just to get a different perspective.

I'm a preventative maintenance type of guy, so unless its a creampuff, forks will get rebuilt, wheel/steering bearings/seals, and brakes will get done right away. Most likely new tires too. I won't just throw parts at it though.

Carter, that is a beautiful T/A. I still have the hood mounted boost gauge in my garage, and it was cool to watch! I kick myself for blowing up that 301T....40K miles and I bent the wastegate actuator bracket to get more boost. I bent it a little too far and it shot up to 16PSI....burned a hole in 2 pistons.
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