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Originally Posted by m_p_w View Post

I'll echo all the positive comments that have been posted to this ride repot. It's been awesome!

I do have to say that you're a real jackass for heading north. ;-)

The worst part about your u-turn is that I can no longer refer my friends and family to your ride report for details of what I've been up to. So much for posting vicariously...I guess I now do really need to start my own ride report.

Safe travels home and post the pics from Palenque!

All the best,

Matt, Thank you for the kind words...and especially for the photography lessons! Please post your address here when you get going on your report. I had a fabulous time traveling with you. It's one thing to take a trip with a friend, a known quantity so to speak, and to have a great time together. But it's more rare and fortunate for a rider to meet another on the road, strangers initially, and then to share quality experiences together. It was a blast and hopefully not the last!
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