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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
It is right from Fournier. Of the few people I have talked to, none has seen a Geomax used

I will use the screws and liners and build a new one, likely adding a third screw to each center knob. Might be too much stress using just 2? I dont like to lose a weekend or two on the ice while I do it, but with some of the screws turning themselves the wrong way I dont want to worry about it out there either.
This is the 18" rear a friend bought off him this year, and from what I could tell just by looking around at the race on the weekend, all of the 18" rears were also the Bridgestone M102. All 19" rears were Pirelli MT44 (unobtainium for me. I think he gets all of them. The only catalogue that even lists them says 'MT44 Ice racing tire'. For dirt it has bee superseded by an MXS or something like that). This is a MF built tire. In the centre there are 5-5-4-4-5-5- etc. I built mine all 5's since there was more than enough room. Since I have been goofing around and learning from my mistakes, there is a balance between not enough and too many. Not enough allows the knobs to move around, and I have had issues with the knobs cracking at the base. It just puts too much stress on each screw. I didn't want to chance it, and it was only about 10 extra screws.

MF built tire. Bridgestone M102

Mine. . . .again, but for comparison. Also M102

The M102 is a nice tire since the spacing and shape of the blocks allow for a good pattern. I have built both an 18"for a friend and a 19" for myself. The 19 is very lo profile, and makes it a rear bugger to install once you have two liners inside the now veeeeery small cavity. The one thing you may need to consider when planning on rebuilding the tire, an un-profiled knobbie has a rather flat profile. I take more rubber off the sides than the middle to get a nice rounded shape that provides excellent traction when banked over hard. I would really push to get something worked out with MF. I doubt there is anything you could have done to that tire to break every knob in the same fashion. Good luck.
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