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Not a lot of progress...

But I'm planning to use the Bunn breather system rather than the MG breather box, so I thought I could show a pix or two of the connections before I get it too cluttered up with all that wiring stuff. For anyone not familiar with it, just google, and you'll find Rex Bunn in Australia has a pretty simple valving and breather arrangement that has all kindsa technical write-ups about its advantages for a four stroke small engine, and I'm kinda a sucker for trying things that are supposed to be better than factory, (especially if they originated from an individual rather than some big corporation). We'll see when I actually start the break-in process. So here's the basic arrangment, a single tube thru a filter arrangement that acts as the guzzinta to the big breather connection on the top of the crankcase. It actually has two litlle plastic filter/valving components, the second one is hidden inside the large hose, just because that was the way I did the connections. (I'll probably put a little K&N style filter on the open end once I see how much room is left under the gas tank from all the wiring.) Can't see it too clearly here, but there's also a smaller breather fitting on top of the crankcase, and it's just plugged with a closed hose.

And then each valve cover is vented, with the tube running upwards to the frame, then terminating in a little one-way valve down behind the tranny, you can see one of them in the next picture.

This pix probably redundant, but it does show the crancase breather connection from the other side view.

As with everything I show on this thread, if anyone has already done this and sees me doing something wrong, don't be shy about calling me on it. Otherwise, I'm still waiting on the solid brake lines, and hopefully the proper molex connectors that will let me rewire the headlamp connections so they don't look quite so amateurish. later, roy
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