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Originally Posted by V-Duck View Post
Put me down for another pair...
kinda skinny butt, and Link thought she may have been anorexic, but she did have a pair!,,I'd go there again just to get all the free garlic bread the gluten resistance movement rejects and tosses aside,
,better me than them frikken freeloading ducks and geese down at the park! and I could stand to put on some weight,,I'll ask the young lady her name if we go there again,,I'm in,,alley sweeping in yoogene is not something that can be done via google maps,,we gotta ride and explore,,I know of a lotsa alleys that connect,,but some get filled with over the fence brush and crap.
Spfld has endless alley connections in some parts of town,,we'll have this on the list of topics for discussion at our next meeting,
,MonkeyWife has turned the key on us getting a banquet table arrangement so that we may have a proper robt's rules of odor type bored meeting!
Thank you for clearing a landing spot for our little squadron Shelly, they can't say we didn't warn them, you asked, they said yes,,so,,we can push tables and re-arrange,that side of the bar is OURS! next time,, we may require some fresh cut flowers in the area for our fairer and finer respondents.
I liked Link's suggestion,,we all buy the old Tom's Tapper Tavern,, and open an ADV mead hall ,,frikken Viking style!!! "Glenwood,,proud to crawl home!" is the next urban boom! although,,glenwood alleys don't do much good, they can all be covered in ten minutes or less,,

In BlueJean,,west/east alleys run a long way in some older nayborhoods,
crossing the hills via alleyways might be a worthy challenge,,and flaming hoops of fun!
I can think of areas where you CAN'T get there by alley,,that'd be a place to start for route planning!
Quackers next wendysday meet,, bring maps and dancing girls to the new ADV banquet arena,,(maybe someone should warn them)
"Your God, your rules,,YOU go burn in hell!" LLV
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