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WNWT Day 21

Sunday morning in Yuma... sunny and high 50's. Looking great for the final leg into San Diego. Pieced together a breakfast of fruit and a bagel from the motel spread and got ready to roll. Triumph was looking all sparkly after it's bath the night before. Hello sunshine and palm trees.

Three miles and I was into Cali. Arizona, I'll be back...

Well, the weather quickly turned to crap as I left Yuma. Cloudy, foggy, and heavy mist. I was expecting warm and sunny like Yuma so plugged in my jacket liner, set it to 'cozy', and pressed on.

Rode by the Imperial Sand Dunes (Glamis)... have driven by several times before on the trip down to Baja. I checked the top trunk, but apparently I didn't pack my sand paddle and flag. Really need to make it down and ride them sometime. Several people out on the dunes and met lots of vehicles hauling bikes and quads with paddle tires as I made my way west.

Rode through El Centro, which was our last US stop in 2008 before heading down through Mexicali and starting pre-running. Saw the hotel we stayed at back then. Kept riding through the mist and fog... then popped out of it right before the mountains at Ocotillo. Really hard to describe what I saw. The sun and blue sky made everything so brilliant and crisp it looked like I was wearing 3D glasses or looking at the landscape through a Viewmaster. Really surreal.

Then started up into the mountains. Anyone that's did this stretch of I-8 knows what I'm talking about. Very scenic for an interstate stretch. Several passes at around 4000 feet. Very windy as I went through. Didn't really give me good opportunities for pictures, which is unfortunate because it really is a cool stretch. Got colder and colder and then back up into the fog and light rain. Overall pretty crappy riding conditions but the road and scenery were good.

Kept watching the miles count down and was surprised at how much elevation I was still sitting at with only about 20 or so miles into San Diego. Finally came down out of the mountains, re-entered mostly sunny skies and felt the temps rapidly warm up. Cruised through Mission Beach and found where our condo was and first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean for the trip.

Then found a place to stay on the east side of Mission Bay. I'd made it. Now just needed The Girlfriend's flights to get her here.

Rode down and had some dinner at the Cass St Bar and Grill, in a cool area at the north end of Mission Beach. The Girlfriend and I will have to come back up here. Very respectable salmon and pasta dinner.

Another milestone in the trip met. This is as far West as I'll be going. 21 days and 4,741 miles for this wander.

Rear tire is about shot.

Have an appointment to have Rocket Motorcycles in San Diego do an oil change and put a new Shinko 705 on the rear. The service manager used to work at Baxter in Marne, IA... seems like good people from talking to him on the phone.

Still not sure "what next"... but really have been thinking about it. Sure would be nice to join all these snowbirds each winter.

I'm not planning to do a daily report on my week in San Diego but will share some highlights at some point. The Girlfriend did make it. Smooth flights, right on time. She really knows how to take care of me...

We're enjoying our place and having a great time... one of The Girlfriend's favorite views from the condo:

One of evomx971's favorite views from the condo:

San Diego from Coronado Island:

On hiatus, but the Wander isn't over... will have to get back to Iowa some how...
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