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Originally Posted by mfp4073 View Post
Ms Hiroko Hori
- Professional bike racer / author / shop owner
- Born in Tokyo, Japan (1949/04/01 - 1985/04/30).
- Traveled around the world (25 countries) on Honda CB750F (1975)
- Joined a Road Race Competition as the first female rider (1976) *the regulation (allows only male riders can join comps) had been changed after her great performance
- Joined 4 hour endurance race (200 miles) at Suzuka circuit in 1980 and 1981 on Suzuki GSX400E
- Rode across Sahara desert (8,000km) on Suzuki DR500 (1982)
- Rode across in Europe (5 countries) in 1985
- Held "Women only competition called "Powder Puff" in 1978
- Ran her own motorbike accessory /gear shop "Hirokono" in 1979
That's one hell of a woman.
Love that big thumper she's riding too. Not an SR/SRX is it?
It's still got turn signals!
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