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Originally Posted by onesaintsfan View Post
I changed out both the high and low beam to 35w HID on my 08GSA. The High beam throws a totally different pattern than the lows. It appears that the lows make a big U shaped beam ahead of you. The High beam fills this in and projects ahead. But I tell you, if you change out and go to HID, you will rarely use the High beam because the low by itself gives plenty of light. So much so most people think you have high beams on. If you ever get on some dark two lane road late at night you will be glad you went HID in both.
What he said. If you are running a road where you are switching the high on an off, you don't get the delay every time you switch on. Got a 35 low and 55 high. That 55 is great running dark back roads.
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