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Originally Posted by GreyDawggg View Post
Hi there. I wanted to get my bike licensed today but when I took my bike for a ride the lower radiator hose popped off. I got it home, tightened the hose back on and added some distilled water. I leaned it over side to side, trying to get rid of any air pockets and then ran it with the radiator cap off for a while. Topped up the with a little more water until it just covered the fins. When I took it for a ride again the same hose in the same place popped off. Has anyone had this happen before or know what might be causing pressure to pop the hose off?

I want to get it right before I add good, expensive coolant again. Any advice would be much appreciated.. :-)
I had that happen. In my case, I was dealing with a faulty radiator cap and what I thought was a head gasket going out! Turns out the cylinder threads for the headbolts were going south. Pressure frome the compression was entering the cooling system and over pressurizing it!

The big sign I saw besides always running low on coolant was if it sat idling with the cap off it always had small air bubbles coming up to the top of the radiator!
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