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A. Paper too works great. In fact, when our guys here raced a 950 SE in the Baja 1000 a few years ago, the stock filter lasted the whole race too. Foams advantage is in its ability to be reused. I contributed the jetting package for that bike iirc.

B. The, "extensive research" you claim to have done that made the use of an aluminum baseplate, "unacceptable" seemingly didn't include any findings nor recommendations on efi mapping nor jetting... none, nor included the realization that your product shattered with heat and vibration...and pretty much flies in the face of 90%+ of the entire countries race teams who construct their air filter mounts out of aluminum.

C. You made the bottom plate out of plastic because, employing the method of connection that you do to the KTM's plastic carb intakes, metal would wear these due to the motor's vibration exacerbated by your design's loose method of connection. Plastic is not better than aluminum nor did you use it for reasons of heat soak, which is easily counter balanced with $2 worth of thermal tape. You used it because you had to, because using aluminum would wear through the carb flanges.

D. That said, I congratulate you for making a good piece of hardware and doing so profitably. I only mention the above as corrections to what I think are exaggerations you've used in this thread to sell your filter. I give away my design, I've given away baseplates, and have been mailing folks here on ADV the templates, custom grommets (that secure metal to plastic firmly while isolating vibrations) and directions on how to make their own baseplates out to of aluminum. I have absolutely no commercial interest here. Take it for what you will.
You are making an awful lot of supposition about the manufacturer's reasons for the way he built his products on top of essentially calling him a liar.

You wanted nothing more than to tell all of us how awesome you are. Well I don't know you and your contributions to this discussion are useless. I am interested in what the manufacturer of the product I purchased has to say. You, on the other hand, haven't brought any product to the market, so none of us can judge its' worthiness here. You sound like you have sour grapes because you can't get anyone to make your aluminum plate design because it's a heat sink.
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