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Originally Posted by K1W1 View Post
BMW are parasites. They have a history of doing this sort of thing. They buy small companies to milk them of their technology that BMW is unable to develop themselves then dump them once they have the knowledge.

Example - Land Rover
BMW purchased Land Rover in the mid 1990s because they had no history or experience in 4WD. They used Land Rover brains to develop the 4WD systems in their SUV range then dumped the company to Ford (who subsequently virtually ruined it before selling it to Tata who have done wonders at restoring and improving things in a relatively short time frame).
Huh? BMW had four wheel drive to their sedans long before they got involved with Land Rover.

Anyway, my Disco II with Bosch electricals was a vast improvement over the pre-BMW Lucas electricals in my Range Rover, I'll tell ya ;)

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