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Originally Posted by brooklyn slim View Post
I apologize in advance if I'm asking a redundant question, but I haven't read the whole thread yet and maybe someone can answer a brief question.

I ride a WeeStrom which is showing its age. I'd like something with a little more power. I ride 99% street, commuting and short trips (around 100 miles) with a couple of longer trips /year. But mostly local.

I think the Stelvio is overkill and more than I need (but maybe a bigger and more comfy ride will get me out more and longer), but on paper I'm crazy about the bike - I probably don't think anyone here needs convincing (not that I'm crazy, but that the bike's a peach). Comfort, reliability, endless grunt, farkled out of the box, ton of bike for the money...

Here's my question: my Strom's like a bicycle around town - weighs around 425 or so, feels like nothing but a little topheavy. How's the Stelvio in this regard?

I've heard it wears its weight well, feels lighter than it is. For a tall bike, how planted (i.e., not top heavy) does it feel, particularly at low speeds? How much of a handful to push around town is it? I'm not expecting it'll be as flickable as the Strom, but how much more ornery?

Of course a ride would answer all these questions, but my closest dealer is an hour away and doesn't have a test bike - says MG won't underwrite a tester and he can't afford to lower the value of a new bike by letting people put miles on it.

I guess I can see his dilemma, but are there that many people out there who'll drop 16K on a bike they haven't ridden? I won't. If I have to, I'll travel to find a dealer who'll let me test ride, then buy from him if I like the bike, and look forward to a sweet ride home.

Anyway, any enlightenment much appreciated.
I feel like it's surprisingly maneuverable once you get rolling. The longitudinal engine layout means that the flywheel and other rotating masses offer no gyroscopic resistance to leaning like they would on any bike with the more common transverse layout (like the Strom). I haven't ridden a Strom for comparison, though.
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