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Originally Posted by brooklyn slim View Post
I apologize in advance if I'm asking a redundant question, but I haven't read the whole thread yet and maybe someone can answer a brief question.

I ride a WeeStrom which is showing its age. I'd like something with a little more power. I ride 99% street, commuting and short trips (around 100 miles) with a couple of longer trips /year. But mostly local.

I think the Stelvio is overkill and more than I need (but maybe a bigger and more comfy ride will get me out more and longer), but on paper I'm crazy about the bike - I probably don't think anyone here needs convincing (not that I'm crazy, but that the bike's a peach). Comfort, reliability, endless grunt, farkled out of the box, ton of bike for the money...

Here's my question: my Strom's like a bicycle around town - weighs around 425 or so, feels like nothing but a little topheavy. How's the Stelvio in this regard?

I've heard it wears its weight well, feels lighter than it is. For a tall bike, how planted (i.e., not top heavy) does it feel, particularly at low speeds? How much of a handful to push around town is it? I'm not expecting it'll be as flickable as the Strom, but how much more ornery?

Of course a ride would answer all these questions, but my closest dealer is an hour away and doesn't have a test bike - says MG won't underwrite a tester and he can't afford to lower the value of a new bike by letting people put miles on it.

I guess I can see his dilemma, but are there that many people out there who'll drop 16K on a bike they haven't ridden? I won't. If I have to, I'll travel to find a dealer who'll let me test ride, then buy from him if I like the bike, and look forward to a sweet ride home.

Anyway, any enlightenment much appreciated.
Make no mistake, the NTX is heavy and a handful to push around compared to your Wee. The seat is also very tall, even in the lowered position. I have a 33-34" inseam and I have to be very deliberate with my footing when not on clean dry pavement. However, like everyone says, its heft is not noticeable once it's rolling, even at slow speeds.

I would also say that the NTX has a stiffer ride than the Wee, in spite of its weight.
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